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There is no doubt that Churchill was instrumental as the man who kept up the British morale during her worst hour, and led the British  in their fight back against the Nazis.

But at the same time, it is also true that he was an indomitable racist, and this racism was not just a quiet personal oddity, as many historians try to veil it, but an active malevolent hatred of other peoples, that led him to active genocide.

The first clear instances of this were his First World War era involvement in the various atrocities perpetrated by the Imperial forces of Britian. Churchill was not a leader in these, but a joyful participant who seemed to actually enjoy the blood letting. Link: Churchill’s Empire

Another well known historical fact is when he handed over the anti-Soviet army soldiers after World War II to Stalin, who immediately had them killed in various ways. Link: Rense.com

Now, a recent book has brought into glaring light Churchill’s active complicity in a terrible devastation, the Bengal Famine.

The Bengal famine occurred in 1942, and it is remarkable that it occurred at a time when there was no major crop failure.

In her book, “Churchill’s Secret War”, Madhusree Mukerjee brings out in apalling detail the complicity of the entire British administration, and in particular, Churchill’s role, in allowing the death of 3 million people.

The famine occurred entirely because of the panic stricken reaction of the British forces when Japan conquered Burma, who destroyed all roads, bullock carts, boats, etc. in Bengal to prevent them falling into the hands of the Japanese if they reached there. This might be somewhat condoned as a war game, but it is what followed afterwards that puts the blame squarely on Churchill.

As the massive famine followed, British officials again pleaded for import of food. Huge stocks of food were being acquired in the Mediterranean region and ships full of grains were passing from Australlia by the Bay of Bengal, but Churchill steadfastedly refused to allow the diversion of any of the grains to Bengal. It was obvious to everyone, including Churchill, that the British had themselves created this famine, and also that some of the food could be diverted safely without any hindrance to the war effort. But Churchill decided instead to let 3 million die and go for exagarrated precaution for the troops.

There was a direct moral responsibility in this. There is no doubt that this decision directly led to the deaths of the Bengal famine, but in the racist and xenophobic atmosphere that Churchill built up around himself, the deaths were unimportant.

Churchill no doubt was as much a genocidal maniac as Stalin, Pol Pot and also Hitler, and was as capable as them of letting millions die without any moral qualms.

Link: Churchill’s Secret War


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